Portserv  International have over 40 mobile bagging plants and as such is the largest single operator in the world. All units are equipped with two weighing and stitching lines. Each line is capable of a maximum output of 20 x 50 kg bags per minute, giving a combined potential of 40 x 50 kg bags per minute. This equates to an hourly throughput of 120 tonnes. The units can operate in the port alongside the bulk carrier or be located adjacent to stockpiled materials being reclaimed.


Hydraulic grabs are used to load the mobile units directly from the vessel. A large number are available in various capacities ranging from 2.5 to 5 tonnes capacity. They are hand trip and self touch opening, therefore accommodating all operational requirements. Special grab loading hoppers designed for purpose are mounted on top of the upper container to increase capacity and provide a much larger target area for the crane driver / grab operator.