Materials handled are all free flowing materials i.e.:- Fertilisers, Food grains, Soya beans and Soya meal. Portserv International offers Mobile Bagging plants together with all the ancillary equipment necessary to discharge a bulk carrier, load into the bagging plants to be weighed, stitched and discharged onto the Lorry Loading Conveyors or other discharge means. Each unit has 2 bagging / stitching lines capable of 50-60 m.t per hour, giving a total output of 100-120 m.t per hour dependant on availability of trucks.

The units are also supplied with generators and compressors to make them completely self contained and non reliant on land based services. Full technical back-up is provided on all lease and rental operations for the duration of the contract by a team of experienced engineers.

In calculating rental charges, Portserv International takes into account the following costs; transportation of all equipment to the bagging location, technicians to erect the equipment on site and to provide back-up for the duration of the contract, diesel fuel for generator and any spare parts required for the duration of the contract.


Materials handled are mainly Food grains. In addition to the Mobile bagging operations Portserv International also carries out bulk discharge and lightening operations using Vacuvators.

Portserv International owns Dunbar Kapple, Vigan, Neuro and Christianson Systems type machines which utilise turbo fan and roots blower type technology. Typically a transfer rate from a bulk carrier to daughter vessel can be 8,000 tpd and 4,000 tpd from tankers.

The units can also be used to discharge directly into trucks, rail wagons or barges. They are totally portable and can be positioned in various locations on the vessels adjacent to hatches or tanks.